Chance for PKAN ChildrenĀ Foundation raises funds to support academic research that can lead to a cure for PKAN. One of those studies is the work of Prof. dr. Dr Ody Sibon (UMCG) and Prof. dr. Susan Hayflick (OHSU, USA). They are very busy developing a substance that in their opinion will bring a possible solution against PKAN: CoA-Z. The goal is to make CoA-Z available to all PKAN patients worldwide, at the lowest possible costs, and for that reason they have established Stichting Lepelaar (in the Netherlands) and Spoonbill Foundation (in the USA) to further develop the drug. In this video you will find more information about the work of both foundations. By supporting Chance for PKAN Children Foundation you also support the work of Professor Sibon and Professor Hayflick. Do you also strongly oppose PKAN? HELP!